New Arrivals 2019

Adult non-fiction

7 habits of highly effective people… ~ Stephen Covey
10 days in April: a detour through breast cancer ~ Eleanor Deckert
10 days in February & 10 days in March ~ Eleanor Deckert
13 ways to kill your community ~ Doug Griffiths
21 things you may not know about the Indian Act… ~ Robert Joseph
31 day food revolution ~ Ocean Robbins
100 photographs: most influential images of all time
2020 Martin’s pocket criminal code
Aboriginal law handbook
Accidental veterinarian:tales from a pet practice ~ Philipp Schott
Accounting for non-accountants ~ Wayne A. Label
Adrift: a true story of love, loss and survival at sea ~ Tami Oldham Ashcraft
A few feet short:an uncommon journey to Everest ~ Jamey Glasnovic
Airborne ~ Jonathan Rotondo
Alkaline reset cleanse: 7 day reboot for unlimited energy… ~ Ross Bridgeford
Amazing furniture makeovers:easy DIY projects to transform thrifted finds…. ~ Jen Crider
American moonshot:John F. Kennedy and the great space race ~ Douglas Brinkley
A mind spread out on the ground ~ Alicia Elliott
An advocacy primer ~ Lee Stuesser
An epic tale
Annotated family practice, 2019-2020:current to March 15,2019
Antiques handbook & price guide 2020-2021 ~ Judith Miller
Apology (the) ~ Eve Ensler
At the bridge:James Teit and an anthropology of belonging ~ Wendy C. Wickwire
A year on the wild side ~ Briony Penn
Bank of yourself:why every woman should plan financially to be single, even if she’s not ~ Ardelle Harrison
Basket weaving for beginners:20 contemporary and classic basket weaving projects… ~ Sylvie Begot
Becoming ~ Michelle Obama
Beginning seed saving for the home gardener ~ Jim Ulager
Being Chinese in Canada:the struggle for identity, redress and belonging ~ William Ging Wee Dere
Best ceremony ever ~ Christopher Shelley
Big book of tricks for the best dog ever:a step-by-step guide to 118 amazing tricks & stunts ~ Larry Kay
Big salads:the ultimate fresh, satisfying meal, on one plate ~ Kat Mead
Black cop ~ Calvin Lawrence
Body (the): a guide for occupants ~ Bill Bryson
Boom & bust:the resilient women of telegraph cove ~ Jennifer L. Butler
British Columbia civil trial handbook
British Columbia probate and estate administration practice manual
Bush runner: the adventures of Pierre-Esprit Radisson
By snowshoe, buckboard and steamer:women of the British Columbia frontier ~ Kathryn Anne Bridge
Canadian immigration and refugee law ~ Chantal Desloges
Captured by fire: surviving British Columbia’s new wildfire reality ~ Chris Czajkowski
Cat and Nat’s mom truths:embarrassing stories and brutally honest advice….. ~ Catherine Belknap
CBD oil miracle manage pain, improve your mood, boost your brain, fight inflammation…….~ Laura Lagano
Chop Suey nation:the legion cafe and other stories from Canada’s Chinese restaurants ~ Shelley Adams
Cities reducing poverty: how vibrant communities are creating comprehensive solutions…
Clean desserts:no-bake vegan cookies, energy bars, power balls and more ~ Karielyn Tillman
Climbing high: a woman’s account of surviving the Everest tragedy ~ Lene Gammelgaard
Complete pottery techniques:design, form, throw, decorate, and more with workshops from professional makers
Complicated simplicity: island life in the Pacific Northwest ~ Joy Davis
Conscious caregiving guide:caregiving starts here ~ Lise LeBlanc
Consumer and debt law:a manual for legal professionals helping clients with consumer problems
Container gardener’s handbook… ~ Frances Tophill
CPP disability pension guide:CPP benefits, practice and procedures ~ Douglas Lloy
Crazy game:how I survived in the crease and beyond ~ Clink Malarchuk
Deepening community:finding joy together in chaotic times ~ Paul born
Democratic rules of order:easy to use rules for meetings of any size ~ Fred Francis
Dogs: 101 adorable breeds ~ Rachael Hale
Don’t turn your back in the barn:adventures of a country vet ~ David Perrin
Dorothy Brooks and the fight to save Cairo’s lost war horses ~ Grant Hayter-Menzies
Eat to feed ~ Eliza Larson
Ed Sheeran ~ Sean Smith
Energy medicine: the science and mystery of healing ~ Jill Blakeway
Escape to the wild ~ Andrea Hejlskov
Essential wilderness navigation… ~ Craig Caudill
Everyday blacksmith:learn to forge 55 simple projects you’ll use everyday ~ Nicholas Wicks
Everyday yoga meditation ~ Stephen Sturgess
Excel 2019 in easy steps ~ Michael Price
Family law sourcebook for British Comumbia
Feed your soul: nutritional wisdom to lose weight permanently… ~ Carly Pollack
Fentanyl,inc: how rogue chemists are creating the deadliest wave of the opiod epidemic ~ Ben Westhoff
Final report ~ Rick Mercer
Finding Chika: a little girl, an earthquake, and the making of a family ~ Mitch Albom
First time felting ~ Ruth Lane
First time window treatments ~ Susan Woodcock
Five:the untold lives of the women killed by Jack the ripper ~ Hallie Rubenhold
Flower garden: how to grow flowers from seed ~ Clare Foster
Ford abomi-nation ~ Linwood Barclay
For the love of rescue dogs ~ Tom Colvin
For the love of it! ~ Maria Lerch
For the love of rescue cats:guide to selecting, training and caring … ~ Carol Griglione
Fostering sustainable behavior:an introduction to community-based social marketing ~ Doug McKenzie-Mohr
Four who dared:inspiring stories of Canadian Airmen in the Second World War ~ Kenneth B. Cothliff
Freshwater aquariums ~ Madelaine Francis Heleine
Good fight:use productive conflict to get your team and organization back on track ~ Liane Davey
Go your own way ~ Ben Groundwater
Grain brain: the surprising truth about wheat, carbs and sugar – your brain’s silent killers ~ David Perlmutter
Grilled:turning adversaries into allies to change the chicken industry ~ Leah Garces
Growing tomatoes ~ Jason Johns
Guinness World Records 2020
Handi-guide to British Columbia’s OHS regulation
Handmade: a hands-on guide ~ Asa Christina
Healthnut cookbook ~ Nikole Goncalves
Heart of a boy:celebrating the strength and spirit of boyhood ~ Kate T. Parker
Heart solution for women: proven program to prevent and reverse heart disease ~ Mark Menolascino
Hero dogs: how a pack of rescues, rejects, and strays became America’s greatest… ~ Wilma Melville
High time: the legalization and regulation of cannabis in Canada
Hormone fix: burn fat naturally, boost energy ~ Anna Cabeca
How not to diet:groudbreaking science of healthy, permanent weight loss ~ Michael Greger
How to do nothing: resisting the attention economy ~ Jenny Odell
How to draw dogs and cats from simple templates:the drawing book for pet lovers ~ Christopher Hart
How to know the birds:the art & adventure of birding ~ Ted Floyd
How to read a financial report:wringing vital signs out of the numbers ~ John A. Tracy
Human algorithm (A): how artificial intelligence is redefining who we are ~ Flynn Coleman
Humans: a brief history of how we fxxxked it all up ~ Tom Phillips
I’ll be gone in the dark:one woman’s obsessive search for the golden state killer ~ Michelle McNamara
Inflammation spectrum:find your food triggers and reset your system ~ Will Cole
In my own moccasins ~ Helen Knott
Jason Vale’s super juice me: 28-day juice plan ~ Jason Vale
Journey to justice:a practical guide to effectively representing yourself in court ~ Denice Barrie
JP Boyd on family law:resolving family law disputes in British Columbia ~ John-Paul Boyd
Keto diet: your 30-day plan to lose weight… ~ Josh Axe
Lac-magantic rail disaster: public betrayal, justice denied ~ Bruce Campbell
Lands of lost borders: out of bounds on the Silk Road ~ Kate Harris
Latte factor:why you don’t have to be rich to live rich ~ David Bach
Law is not for kids ~ Ned Lecic
Lessons from Lucy:the simple joys of an old, happy dog ~ Dave Barry
Life: 100 photographs that changed the world
Little island bake shop:heirloom recipes made for sharing ~ Jana Roerick
Living kitchen:healing recipes to support your body during cancer treatment and recovery ~ Sarah Grossman
Lonely Planet around the world in 80 food trucks, easy and tasty recipes from chefs on the road
Lone rider: the first British woman to motorcycle around the world ~ Elspeth Beard
Longevity paradox:how to die young at a ripe old age ~ Steven R. Gundry
Made whole: more than 145 anti-inflammatory Keto-Paleo recipes… ~ Cristina Curp
Management of nonprofit and charitable organizations in Canada
Master recipes from the herbal apothecary… ~ J. Pursell
Mayo clinic diabetes diet ~ Donald D. Hensrud
Me ~ Elton John
Metabolism reset diet ~ Alan Christianson
Milepost Alaska travel planner 2019:Alaska, Yukon, British Columbia, Alberta, Northwest Territories
Mindful guide to conflict resolution: how to thoughtfully handle ….~ Rosalie Pulman
Moment of lift: how empowering women changes the world ~ Melinda Gates
Moon madness: Dr. Louise Aall, sixty years of healing Africa ~ Alan Twigg
Most of what follows is true: places imagined and real ~ Michael Crummey
Mountain man:life of a guide outfitter ~ Hiram Cody Tegart
Mr. Hockey: my story ~ Gordie Howe
My country: the remarkable past ~ Pierre Berton
New plant parent:develop your green thumb… ~ Darryl Cheng
New vegetable garden technique ~ Joyce Russel
North River:the story of British Columbia’s North Thompson valley & Yellowhead hwy 5 ~ Muriel Dunford
One drum: stories and ceremonies for a planet ~ Richard Wagamese
One skein crochet ~ Ellen Gormley
On fire: the burning case for a green new deal ~ Naomi Klein
Orr: my story ~ Bobby Orr
Our Canada, our country, our stories:inspirational tales from the heart and soul of this great land
Passion & persistence: fifty years of the Sierra Club in British Columbia, 1969-2019 ~ Diane Pinch
Perfect pan pizza: square pies to make at home… ~ Peter Reinhart
Possum living: how to live well without a job and with (almost) no money ~ Dolly Freed
Project book (the): the complete guide to consistently delivering great projects ~ Colin Ellis
Prostate Cancer strikes: navigating the storm ~ Gogs Gagnon
Proven winners garden book… ~ Ruth Rogers Clausen
Queen of the mountaineers:the trailblazing life of Fanny Bullock Workman ~ Cathryn J. Prince
Quickbooks 2019 all in one ~ Stephen L. Nelson
Raincoast chronicles 24:cougar companions:Bute inlet country and the legendary Schnarrs ~ Judith Williams
Raising good humans:mindful guide to breaking the cycle of reactive parenting… ~ Hunter Clarke-Fields
Ranch tales: stories from the frontier ~ Ken Mather
Real food Keto: applying nutritional therapy to your low-carb, high-fat diet ~ Jimmy Moore
Reboot with Joe juice diet cookbook: juice, smoothie, and plant-based recipes…~ Joe Cross
Rebus:long shadows:the rehearsal script ~ Ian Rankin
Return of the wolf: conflict & coexistence ~ Paula Wild
Rise of wolf 8:witnessing the triumph of Yellowstone’s underdog ~ Rick McIntyre
Rocky mountain cooking ~ Katie Mitzel
Rocky mountain train robberies: true stories of notorious bandits and infamous escapades ~ W.C. Jameson
Rough road to the north:vagabond on the great northern highway ~ Jim Christy
Salhany’s police manual of arrest, seizure & interrogation ~ Ian D. Scott
Saltwater classics: caps, vamps, and mittens from the Island of Newfoundland ~ Christine Legrow
Savage dreamland ~ David Elmer
Scarred:the true story of how I escaped NXIV, the cult that bound my life ~ Sarah Edmondson
Seasonal flower arranging ~ Ariella Chezar
Seasonal scandi crafts over 45 projects and quick ideas for beautiful decorations and gifts ~ Christiane Meyers
Sea stories: my life in special operations ~ William H. McRaven
Sea trial: sailing after my father ~ Brian Harvey
Skillful forager:essential techniques for responsible foraging… ~ Leda Meredith
Sky at night ~ Chris North
Small business taxes for dummies ~ Eric Tyson
Stealing green mangoes ~ Sunil Dutta
Stolen:five free boys kidnapped into slavery and their astonishing odyssey home ~ Richard Bell
Stories from the magic canoe of Wa’xaid ~ Cecil Paul
Stress less, accomplish more ~ Emily Fletcher
Survival guide to British Columbia ~ Ian Ferguson
Survival prepping ~ Jason Ryder Adams
Talking to strangers:what we should know about the people we don’t know ~ Malcolm Gladwell
Talk to me: how to ask better questions, get better answers and interview anyone like a pro ~ Deal Nelson
Tawaw:progressive indigenous cuisine ~ Shane Chartrand
Tax planning for you and your family 2020
Ten hail Mary’s ~ Kate Howarth
Termination of employment ~ Lior Samfiru
That good night:life and medicine in the eleventh hour ~ Sunita Puri
Toil and trouble ~ Augusten Burroughs
Training for the uphill athlete:a manual for mountain runners and ski mountaineers ~ Kilian Jornet
Ultimate guide to raising a puppy:how to train and care for you new dog ~ Victoria Stilwell
Ultimate veg ~ Jamie Oliver
Undo it ~ Dean Ornish
Up:my life journey to the top of Everest ~ Ben Fogle
Urban Monk:Eastern wisdom and modern hacks to stop time and find success… ~ Pedram Shojai
Vegetables, chickens & bees… ~ Carson Arthur
Voices of powerful women… ~ Zoe Sallis
Way home ~ David Neel
We are the weather: saving the planet begins at breakfast ~ Jonathan Safran Foer
What’s my child thinking about? ~ Tanith Carey
What vegans eat ~ Brett Cobley
When days are long:nurse in the north ~ Amy Wilson
When trains ruled the Rockies:my life at the Banff railway station ~ Terry Gainer
Whitewater cooks more beautiful food ~ Shelley Adams
With you by bike ~ Katrina Rosen
Wholefood for children ~ Jude Blereau
Who rescued whom?:dog portraits & rescue stories ~ Margaret Bryant
Woo, the monkey who inspired Emily Carr: a biography ~ Grant Hayter-Menzies
Your child’s best shot: a parent’s guide to vaccination
Zuked ~ Roger Mcnamee

Adult fiction

13-minute murder ~ James Patterson
17th suspect ~ James Patterson
18th abduction ~ James Patterson
19th Christmas ~ James Patterson
A baby’s bones ~ Rebecca Alexander
A better man ~ Louise Penny
A delicate touch ~ Stuart Woods
A dog’s promise ~ Bruce W. Cameron
A dog’s way home ~ Bruce W. Cameron
Affairs of the falcons (the) ~ Melissa Rivero
Africville ~ Jeffrey Colvin
Agent running in the field ~ John LeCarre
Akin ~ Emma Donoghue
Alaskan Christmas ~ Jennifer Snow
Alaskan holiday ~ Debbie Macomber
A list (the) ~ Judith A. Jance
All is not forgotten ~ Wendy Walker
All that’s dead ~ Stuart Macbride
All the forgivenesses ~ Elizabeth Hardinger
Ambush ~ James Patterson
A measure of darkness ~ Jonathan Kellerman
A minute to midnight ~ David Baldacci
Amish Christmas cowboy : An Amish holiday wedding ~ Jo Ann Brown
Amish cookie club Christmas ~ Sarah Price
Amish market ~ Amy Clipston
Amish midwife’s secret (the) ~ Rachel J. Good
Amish outsider ~ Marta Perry
Andromeda Evolution ~ Daniel H. Wilson
An Irish country practice ~ Patrick Taylor
A noise downstairs ~ Linwood Barclay
Apple cider slaying ~ Julie Anne Lindsey
Assassin’s run ~ Ward Larsen
Aunt Dimity beats the Devil ~ Nancy Atherton
Bannack ~ Richard S. Wheeler
Baxter family Christmas ~ Karen Kingsbury
Beach town ~ Mary Kay Andrews
Beauchamp hall ~ Danielle Steel
Beekeeper of Aleppo ~ Christy Lefteri
Behind closed doors ~ B.A. Paris
Big little lies ~ Liane Moriarty
Bishop’s pawn ~ Steve Berry
Blessing in disguise ~ Danielle Steel
Blind spot ~ Brenda Novak
Blood for blood ~ William W. Johnstone
Bloody genius ~ John Sandford
Bloody trail of the mountain man ~ William W. Johnstone
Bound for gold ~ William Martin
Blue moon ~ Lee Child
Book of M ~ Peng Shepherd
Bookshop of yesterdays ~ Amy Meyerson
Boy swallows universe ~ Trent Dalton
Broken ice ~ Matt Goldman
Bullets don’t argue ~ William W. Johnstone
Caribbean rim ~ Randy Wayne White
Cast ~ Danielle Steel
Cats came back (the) ~ Sofie Kelly
Cave of bones ~ Anne Hillerman
Cemetery road ~ Greg Iles
Charlie Savage ~ Roddy Doyle
Cherished quilt ~ Amy Clipston
Children of blood and bone ~ Tomi Adeyemi
Child’s play ~ Danielle Steel
Christmas on the island ~ Jenny Colgan
City of endless night ~ Douglas J. Preston
City of girls ~ Elizabeth Gilbert
Clan of the cave bear ~ Jean M. Auel
Clash of kings (a) ~ George R.R. Martin
Cold blood ~ Andy McNab
Collector’s apprentice ~ B.A. Shapiro
Colorado Christmas ~ William W. Johnstone
Come sundown ~ Nora Roberts
Confession club ~ Elizabeth Berg
Connections in death ~ J.D. Robb
Cottage by the sea ~ Debbie Macomber
Country Christmas (A) ~ Debbie Macomber
Cowboy like you ~ Donna Grant
Creed country Christmas ~ Linda Lael Miller
Crimson lake ~ Candice Fox
Criss cross ~ James Patterson
Cuban affair ~ Nelson Demille
Cutting edge ~ Jeffery Deaver
Cutting edge ~ Ward Larsen
Cutthroats ~ William W. Johnstone
Dance with dragons (a) ~ George R.R. Martin
Dangerous game ~ Heather Graham
Dark fire ~ Christine Feehan
Dark sacred night ~ Michael Connelly
Dark sentinel ~ Christine Feehan
Dark side ~ Danielle Steel
Dark tribute ~ Iris Johansen
Daughter’s tale ~ Armando Lucas Correa
Dead at first sight ~ Peter James
Deal of a lifetime ~ Fredrik Backman
Dear heartbreak ~ Heather Demetrios
Death doesn’t bargain ~ Sherrilyn Kenyon
Death in focus ~ Anne Perry
Death by Jack-o-lantern ~ Alexis Morgan
Death of Mrs. Westaway ~ Ruth Ware
Deliverance and the fire arrown ~ Richard S. Wheeler
Descent ~ Tim Johnston
Desperate measures ~ Stuart Woods
Devil’s daughter ~ Lisa Kleypas
Difference (the) ~ Marina Endicott
Disappeared ~ C.J. Box
Divide (the) ~ Nicholas Evans
Doc Holliday and lords of the land ~ Matt Braun
Don’t lie to me ~ Willow Rose
Don’t wake up ~ Liz Lawler
Double blind ~ Iris Johansen
Draw people every day ~ Kagan Mcleod
Dry (the) ~ Jane Harper
Dutch house ~ Ann Patchett
Every fifteen minutes ~ Lisa Scottoline
Elevation ~ Stephen King
Elevator pitch ~ Linwood Barclay
Escape room ~ Megan Goldin
Eye of darkness ~ S.J. Day
Eve of destruction ~ S.J. Day
Evil that men do ~ Robert Gleason
Fairness of beasts ~ Gar LaSalle
Fallen (the) ~ David Baldacci
Family next door ~ Sally Hepworth
Family of strangers ~ Emilie Richards
Family trust ~ Kathy Wang
Family upstairs (the) ~ Lisa Jewell
Feast for crows (a) ~ George R.R. Martin
Fever ~ Donna Grant
Field of bones ~ J.A. Jance
Fifth doctrine ~ Karen Robards
Fifty fifty ~ James Patterson
Final option ~ Clive Cussler
Final strike ~ William Cohen
Finding forever ~ Nora Roberts
Fire & blood ~ George R.R. Martin
Fire witness ~ Lars Kepler
First fast draw ~ Louis L’Amour
First lady ~ James Patterson
Flash points ~ David Hagberg
Flight girls ~ Noelle Salazar
Flight or fright: 17 turbulent tales
Foe ~ Iain Reid
Force of nature ~ Jane Harper
Found drowned ~ Laurie Glenn Norris
Four dominions ~ Eric Lustbader
Four to score ~ Janet Evanovich
Full disclosure ~ Beverley M. McLachlin
Gathering (A) of secrets ~ Linda Castillo
German midwife ~ Mandy Robotham
Ghost fire ~ Wilbur A. Smith
Give me the child ~ Mel McGrath
Giver of stars ~ Jojo Moyes
Godzilla:king of the monsters:the official movie novelization ~ Gregory J. Keyes
Guilty as charred ~ Devon Delaney
Hard ride ~ Elmer Kelton
Heads you win ~ Jeffrey Archer
Hell bent ~ Gregg Hurwitz
Hills of homicide ~ Louis L’Amour
Holy Ghost ~ John Sandford
House next door (the) ~ James Patterson
Ignite ~ Donna Grant
Immortal born ~ Lynsay Sands
Innocents (the) ~ Michael Crummey
I owe you one ~ Sophie Kinsella
In another time ~ Jillian Cantor
In his father’s footsteps ~ Danielle Steel
Inn ~ James Patterson
Inquisition ~ David J. L. Gibbins
Institute (the) ~ Stephen King
Island of sea women ~ Lisa See
Isthmus ~ Gar LaSalle
It’s always the husband ~ Michele Campbell
Jackals ~ William W. Johnstone
Judgement ~ Joseph Finder
Keeping Lucy ~ T. Greenwood
Kingdom of copper (the) ~ S.A. Chakraborty
King of kings ~ Wilbur A. Smith
Kiss quotient (the) ~ Helen Hoang
Kiss the girls and make them cry ~ Mary Higgins Clark
Knightfall: the infinite deep ~ David B. Coe
Knot on her life ~ Mary Marks
Lake silence ~ Anne Bishop
Land of wolves ~ Craig Johnson
Leave no scone unturned ~ Denise Swanson
Lemon sisters ~ Jill Shalvis
Leopard’s wrath ~ Christine Feehan
Leverage in death ~ J.D. Robb
Liar, Liar ~ Lisa Jackson
Liar, liar ~ James Patterson
Lilac lane ~ Sherryl Woods
Live and let pie ~ Ellie Alexander
Live by the west, die by the west ~ William W. Johnstone
Long paw of the law ~ Diane Kelly
Lost and found ~ Danielle Steel
Lost man (the) ~ Jane Harper
Louis L’Amour’s lost treasure ~ Louis L’Amour
Love at first bark ~ Debbie Burns
Love story ~ Karen Kingsbury
Low country hero ~ Lee Tobin McClain
Magic hour ~ Kristin Hannah
Massacre at Crow Creek crossing ~ Charles G. West
Matchmaker’s list ~ Sonya Lalli
MIB international ~ R.S. Belcher
Mistress of the Ritz ~ Melanie Benjamin
Moccasin square gardens: short stories ~ Richard Van Camp
Moscow offensive ~ Dale Brown
Mrs. Everything ~ Jennifer Weiner
My sister’s keeper ~ Jodi Picoult
Nanny (the) ~ Gilly Macmillan
Needled to death ~ Annelise Ryan
Neon prey ~ John Sandford
Never game ~ Jeffery Deaver
Never tell ~ Lisa Gardner
Night fire (the) ~ Michael Connelly
Nightmare ~ Lars Kepler
Night moves ~ Jonathan Kellerman
Nineteen eighty-four ~ George Orwell
Noble outlaw and a distant land ~ Matt Braun
Noel street ~ Richard Paul Evans
No escape claws ~ Sofie Ryan
Nomad ~ James Swallow
Not her daughter ~ Rea Frey
Nothing to hide ~ Allison Brennan
Nothing ventured ~ Jeffrey Archer
Oathbringer ~ Brandon Sanderson
Of blood and bone ~ Nora Roberts
Olive, again ~ Elizabeth Strout
One feta in the grave ~ Tina Kashian
One good deed ~ David Baldacci
One minute later ~ Susan Lewis
On second thought ~ Kristan Higgins
Operator down ~ Brad Taylor
Oranges are not the only fruit ~ Jeanette Winterson
Orphan’s song ~ Lauren Kate
Other (the) woman ~ Daniel Silva
Our house ~ Louise Candlish
Outfox ~ Sandra Brown
Out of darkness, shining light:a faithful account of the final years…… ~ Petina Gappah
Out of the dark ~ Gregg Andrew Hurwitz
Outpost ~ Michael W. Gear
Overkill ~ Ted Bell
Oysterville sewing circle ~ Susan Wiggs
Paradox ~ Catherine Coulter
Paris orphan ~ Natasha Lester
Past tense ~ Lee Child
Perfect alibi ~ Phillip Margolin
Perfect couple ~ Elin Hilderbrand
Perfect girlfriend ~ Karen Hamilton
Perfect stranger ~ Megan Miranda
Perfect wife ~ JP Delaney
Porpoise (the) ~ Mark Haddon
Princess ~ James Patterson
Probable claws ~ Rita Mae Brown
Queen bee ~ Dorothea Benton Frank
Queen of hearts ~ Kimmery Martin
Rabbit hunter ~ Lars Kepler
Radigan ~ Louis L’Amour
Reckoning ~ John Grisham
Red alert ~ James Patterson
Redemption ~ David Baldacci
Redemption road ~ John Hart
Rendezvous ~ Richard S. Wheeler
Reproduction ~ Ian Williams
Ride the high lonesome ~ Rosanne Bittner
Rise of Magicks ~ Nora Roberts
Road home ~ Richard Paul Evans
Robert B. Parker’s blood feud ~ Mike Lupica
Rogue king ~ Abigail Owen
Rosie Result ~ Graeme C. Simsion
Run away ~ Harlan Coben
Safe and sound ~ Fern Michaels
Sea of greed ~ Clive Cussler
Season of fury and wonder: short stories ~ Sharon Butala
Secret orphan ~ Glynis Peters
Secrets of the chocolate house ~ Paula Brackston
Secrets of the tulip sisters ~ Susan Mallery
Shadow tyrants ~ Clive Cussler
Shadow warrior ~ Christine Feehan
Shamed ~ Linda Castillo
Shattered mirror ~ Iris Johansen
Shroud of eternity ~ Terry Goodkind
Sidney Sheldon’s the silent window ~ Tilly Bagshawe
Siege of stone ~ Terry Goodkind
Silent knit, deadly knit ~ Peggy Ehrhart
Silent night ~ Danielle Steel
Silent patient ~ Alex Michaelides
Sins of the fathers ~ J.A. Jance
Sit, stay, love ~ Debbie Burns
Sixth day ~ Catherine Coulter
Someone knows ~ Lisa Scottoline
Sometimes I lie ~ Alice Feeney
Song of the river ~ Joy Cowley
Song of the sea ~ Jenn Alexander
Spy ~ Danielle Steel
Stalker ~ Lars Kepler
Stalking ~ Heather Graham
Star path ~ W. Michael Gear
Star Wars: thrawn alliances ~ Timothy Zahn
Stolen things ~ R.H. Herron
Stone cold heart ~ Laura Griffin
Store ~ James Patterson
Storm of swords (a) ~ George R.R. Martins
Stranger (A) in the house ~ Shari Lapena
Strangers with the same dream ~ Alison Pick
Strangled eggs and ham:a country store mystery ~ Maddie Day
Stygian ~ Sherrilyn Kenyon
Sudden prey ~ John Sandford
Sugarhouse blues ~ Mariah Stewart
Summer of ’69 ~ Elin Hilderbrand
Summer with my sisters ~ Holly Chamberlin
Summoning ~ Heather Graham
Survivors ~ Kate Furnivall
Switch (the) ~ Sandra Brown
Tailspin ~ Sandra Brown
Tall, dark & hungry ~ Lynsay Sands
Target: Alex Cross ~ James Patterson
Ten thousand doors of January (the) ~ Alix E. Harrow
Terminal list ~ Jack Carr
Testaments (the) ~ Margaret Atwood
Testimony ~ Scott Turow
Texas home ~ Debbie Macomber
Texas nights ~ Debbie Macomber
Their perfect match ~ Debbie Macomber
Things we cannot say (the) ~ Kelly Rimmer
Third option ~ Vince Flynn
This scorched earth ~ Michael W. Gear
This tender land ~ William Kent Krueger
Thread and buried ~ Lea Wait
Thread on arrival ~ Lea Wait
Tom Clancy oath of office ~ Marc Cameron
Too far to say far enough ~ Nancy N. Rue
Torture of the mountain man ~ William W. Johnstone
Trickster drift ~ Eden Robinson
Triple jeopardy ~ Anne Perry
Trouble with vampires ~ Lynsay Sands
Trust me ~ Hank Phillipi Ryan
Turbulence ~ Stuart Woods
Turning point ~ Danielle Steel
Twenty-one days: a Daniel Pitt novel ~ Anne Perry
Twisted twenty-six ~ Janet Evanovich
Two good dogs ~ Susan Wilson
Ultimatum (the) ~ Karen Robards
Under a vampire moon ~ Lynsay Sands
Under currents ~ Nora Roberts
Under the bridge ~ Anne Bishop
Unsolved ~ James Patterson
Untouchable ~ Jayne Ann Krentz
Unto us a son is given ~ Donna Leon
Us against you ~ Fredrik Backman
Vendetta ~ Iris Johansen
Vendetta in death ~ J.D. Robb
Vengeance ~ Christine Feehan
Vengeful ~ V.E. Schwab
Verses for the dead ~ Douglas J. Preston
Walking shadows ~ Faye Kellerman
Wanted ~ Robert Crais
Washington black ~ Esi Edugyan
Watching you ~ Lisa Jewell
We all fall down ~ Daniel Kalla
Wedding guest ~ Jonathan Kellerman
What happens in paradise ~ Elin Hilderbrand
What rose forgot ~ Nevada Barr
Whispers of the dead ~ Spencer Kope
Wild card ~ Stuart Woods
Winter solstice ~ Elin Hilderbrand
Winter’s proposal ~ Sheryl Woods
Woodpeckers always peck twice ~ J.R. Ripley
World that we knew ~ Alice Hoffman
Woman in our house ~ Andrew Hart
Yardie ~ Victor Headley
Year one ~ Nora Roberts
You don’t own me ~ Mary Higgins Clark

Junior non-fiction

A child’s introduction to the night sky:story of the stars,planets and constellation…. ~ Michael Driscoll
Adventures in the air ~ Simon Lewis
An earthling’s guide to outer space:everything you ever wanted to know about… ~ Bob McDonald
Art sparks: draws, paint, make, and get creative with 53 amazing projects! ~ Marion Abrams
A voice for the Spirit Bears:how one boy inspired millions to save a rare animal ~ Carmen Oliver
Backyard adventure:get messy, get wet, build cool things and have tons of wild fun!… ~ Amanda Thomsen
Bears ~ Jen Green
Book of kings:magnificent monarchs, notorious nobels and more…. ~ Caleb Magyar
Brazil ~ Colleen Sexton
Brick building basics ~ Courtney Sanchez
Building a website ~ Alexa Kurzius
Canada Day ~ Heather Kissock
Canadian government-Canadian citizenship ~ Don Wells
Castles magnified ~ David Long
Caring for your cat ~ Derek Zobel
Caring for your dog ~ Derek Zobel
Caring for your fish ~ Kari Schuetz
Castles magnified ~ David Long
Climate change eco facts ~ Izzi Howell
Coding basics ~ George Anthony Kulz
Coding for Minecrafters:unofficial adventures for kids learning computer code ~ Lynn Beighley
Darwin’s voyage of discovery ~ Jake Williams
David Thompson ~ Erinn Banting
Dear heartbreak ~ Heather Demetrios
Diggers ~ Andrew Langley
Dinosaur!:dinosaurs and other amazing prehistoric creatures… ~ John Woodward
Dinosaur world ~ Joe Fullman
Doctor: people who help us ~ Amanda Askew
Eagles ~ Sally Morgan
Eats more, shoots and leaves ~ Lynne Truss
Electricity ~ Anna Claybourne
England ~ Walter Simmons
Experiment with kitchen science ~ Nick Arnold
Firefighter ~ Amanda Askew
Follow that bee! a first book of bees in the city ~ Scot Ritchie
Forest club ~ Kris Hirschmann
Fox ~ Jinny Johnson
France ~ Rachel A. Grack
Frog ~ Jinny Johnson
Girl’s home spa lab… ~ Pagan Maya
Glacier on the move ~ Elizabeth Rusch
Green planet:life in our woods and forests ~ Moira Butterfield
Grizzly (the): true adventures of Coola and Grinder of Grouse Mountain ~ Shelley Hrdlitschka
Grizzly mother ~ Brett D. Huson
Grossology handbook :66 gruesome steam science and art activities ~ Susan Martineau
Human body at a glance ~ Cristina Peraboni
Italy ~ Walter Simmons
Japan ~ Colleen Sexton
Join the no-plastic challenge! ~ Scot Ritchie
Kingfisher voyages, oceans ~ Stephen Savage
Life cycle of a frog ~ Colleen Sexton
Life cycle of a salmon ~ Colleen Sexton
Life-sized animal poop ~ John Townsend
Mexico ~ Colleen Sexton
Monster vehicles ~ Derek Zobel
National Geographic kids almanac 2020
Natural resources eco facts ~ Izzi Howell
On the internet ~ Jillian Roberts
Owner’s manual for driving your adolescent brain ~ JoAnn Deak
Planes ~ Andrew Langley
Police officer ~ Amanda Askew
Positively teen ~ Nicola Morgan
Proud to be deaf ~ Lilli Beese
Robert Bateman: the boy who painted nature ~ Margriet Ruurs
Running with wolves: our story of life with the sawtooth pack ~ Jim Dutcher
Russia ~ Jim Bartell
Sharks ~ Jen Green
Shipwrecks:Fantastic facts about the world’s most amazing shipwrecks ~ James Stewart
Snakes ~ Jen Green
Snowmobiles ~ Denny Von Finn
Spain ~ Rachel Grack
Spiders ~ Sally Morgan
Stem lab ~ Jack Challoner
Story of chocolate ~ Katie Daynes
Story of the Second World War for children, 1939-1945 ~ Peter Chrisp
Teacher ~ Amanda Askew
Thailand ~ Walter Simmons
Think like a computer ~ Jacob Batchelor
Tigers ~ Sally Morgan
Tractors ~ James Nixon
Trade routes ~ Jennifer Nault
Trucks ~ James Nixon
Ultimate weather-pedia:the most complete weather reference ever ~ Stephanie Warren Drimmer
Vet ~ Amanda Askew
We are displaced:my journey and stories from refugee girls around the world ~ Malala Yousafzai
What the dog knows:scent, science, and the amazing ways… Cat Warren
What the eagle sees: indigenous stories of rebellion and renewal ~ Eldon Yellowhorn
Where’s Waldo?: double trouble at the museum ~ Martin Handford
Wolves ~ Jen Green
Your fantastic elastic brain ~ JoAnn Deak

Junior fiction

A big day for baseball ~ Mary Pope Osborne
Alice’s adventures in wonderland: from the story by Lewis Carroll ~ Lewis Carroll
Bailey’s story ~ Bruce W. Cameron
Birchbark house ~ Louise Erdrich
Book of dust ~ Philip Pullman
Brawl of the wild ~ Dav Pilkey
Bridge home ~ Padma Venkatraman
Call down the hawk ~ Maggie Stiefvater
Chickadee ~ Louise Erdrich
Crowfeather’s trial ~ Erin Hunter
Dark secret ~ Tui Sutherland
Destruction in the desert ~ Winter Morgan
Dog man, brawl of the wild ~ Dav Pilkey
Dragonet prophecy ~ Tui Sutherland
Dungeons and detectives ~ Franklin W. Dixon
Garfield slurps and burps ~ Jim Davis
Ghost circles ~ Jeff Smith
Girl with the dragon heart ~ Stephanie Burgis
Good thieves ~ Katherine Rundell
Green children of woolpit ~ Jillian Anderson Coats
Griffin’s feather ~ Cornelia Funke
Hearts unbroken ~ Cynthia Leitich Smith
Hidden kingdom ~ Tui Sutherland
Intergalactic P.S. 3 ~ Madeleine L’Engle
Lost heir ~ Tui Suterland
Makoons ~ Louise Erdrich
Merry Christmas, Geronimo! ~ Geronimo Stilton
Molly’s story ~ W. Bruce Cameron
More to the story ~ Hena Khan
Path of a warrior ~ Erin Hunter
Phantom of the opera
Pretend she’s here ~ Luanne Rice
Red wolf ~ Jennifer Dance
Reggie and me ~ Archie Comics
Rescue in the Rockies ~ Rita Feutl
River of fire ~ Erin Hunter
Scallywag on the Salish Sea ~ Sara Cassidy
Sea of monsters ~ Robert Venditti
Shelby’s story ~ Bruce W. Cameron
Sleeping beauty
Snowman ~ Raymond Briggs
Snowman ~ Michael Morpurgo
Supergifted ~ Gordon Korman
Thea Stilton and the riddle of the ruins ~ Thea Stilton
Titan’s curse ~ Robert Venditti
Unpregnant ~ Jenni Henriks
Very, very far north (the):a story for gentle readers and listeners ~ Dan Bar-el
Whatshisface ~ Gordon Korman
Wonder ~ R.J. Palacio
Wonderful wizard of Oz ~ Frank L. Baum
World of dragons ~ May Nakamura


1,2,3 to the zoo ~ Eric Carle
Alfie, no! ~ Frieda Wishinsky
Arrr, mustache baby! ~ Bridget Heos
Autumn is here ~ Billy Steers
Bear for breakfast ~ Robert Munsch
Biggest puddle in the world ~ Mark Lee
Chicken talk ~ Patricia MacLachlan
Chicks rule! ~ Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen
Counting dinos ~ Eric Pinder
Day for skating (A) ~ Sarah Sullivan
Girl and the wolf ~ Katherena Vermette
Goodnight hockey ~ Michael Dahl
Grumpy duck ~ Joyce Dunbar
Hey, dog ~ Tony Johnston
Hey Grandude! ~ Paul McCartney
Hoop dancer’s teachings ~ Teddy Anderson
How do you care for a very sick bear? ~ Vanessa Bayer
Hum and swish ~ Matt Myers
I love my Glam-ma! ~ Samantha Berger
I love Pop! ~ Dr. Seuss
I love you all year through ~ Stephanie Stansbie
In the quiet, noisy woods ~ Michael J. Rosen
Invention hunters ~ Korwin Briggs
Just because ~ Mac Barnett
Lubna and Pebble ~ Wendy Meddour
Magic boat ~ Kit Pearson
My love is for you ~ Susan Musgrave
Noah’s noisy night ~ Maria Correa
No room for a pup! ~ Elizabeth Suneby
Nursery rhyme search and find ~ Margaret Wise Brown
Oh no! look what the cat dragged in ~ Joy Davidson
Paws + Edward ~ Espen Dekko
Poop or get off the potty! ~ Margaret McNamara
Silence slips in ~ Alison Hughes
Silent night ~ Lara Hawthorne
Snack, snooze, skedaddle:how animals get ready for winter ~ Laura Purdie Salas
Someone new ~ Jill Twiss
Song of the river ~ Joy Cowley
Sounds like Christmas ~ Robert N. Munsch
Stardust ~ Jeanne Willis
Stolen words ~ Melanie Florence
Stomp ~ Ian Aurora
Stormy: a story about finding a forever home ~ Guojing
Teamwork ~ Billy Steers
Traveling dustball ~ Judith Henderson
‘Twas the night before Christmas ~ Clement C. Moore
Unbudgeable curmudgeon ~ Matthew Burgess
When you are brave ~ Pat Zietlow Miller
Wish upon a dream ~ Margaret Wise Brown
Worth the wait ~ Billy Steers


1800 seconds, chasing Canada’s snowbirds
A Bronx tale
A dog’s journey
A dog’s way home
Africa eye to eye with the unknown
All dogs go to Heaven 1,2,3
Anne ~ Season 1
Anne with an E ~ Season 2
Avengers, Endgame
Beautiful boy
Ben is back
Biggest little farm
Blue crush 2
Bohemian rhapsody
Bookshop (the)
Boy erased
Casper’s scare school
Christmas collection
Classic westerns 10 movie collection
Crazy rich Asians
Despicable me 3
Earth: one amazing day
Eight below
Endeavor ~ Season 5
Fat, sick & nearly dead
First man
Free solo
Game of thrones ~ Season 8
Good doctor ~ Season 2
Good fight (the) ~ Season 2,3
Good life
Good place (the)
Green book
Handmaid’s tale (the) ~ Season 2
Henry Poole is here
House M.D. ~ Complete series
How Hitler lost the war
How the earth changes history
How to train your dragon
How to train your dragon, the hidden world
Hunt (the)
Hyena road
Josiah Henson, the real uncle Tom
Killing Eve ~ Season 1
Last king of Scotland (the)
Life story
Lion King (the)
Living life to the full
Longmire ~ Season 6
Manchester by the sea
Mary Poppins returns
Mustang (the)
New Amsterdam ~ Season 1
Outlander ~ Season 4
Paw patrol. Purr-fect rescues
Pearl Harbor: December 7, 1941
Pirates of the Caribbean at world’s end
Pirated of the Caribbean dead man’s chest
Pirates of the Caribbean:dead men tell no tales
Proof of life
Remember me
Second act.
Sisters brothers (the)
Spider-man, into the spider-verse
The art of racing in the rain
The mule
The upside
The wife
This is us ~ Season 3
Thrive what on Earth will it take?
Toy story 1,2,3,4
Transcendence: live life beyond the ordinary
Vera ~ Set 6 & 7
Vikings ~ Season 5
When calls the heart ~ Season 5 & 6
Wind at my back Christmas movie
Winds of the wasteland

Music Cds

2019 Grammy nominees
A star is born – soundtrack
Bohemian rhapsody – soundtrack
BTS – Lights
Caution ~ Mariah Carey
Chant ~ Santo Domingo de Silos(Benedictine Abbey)Coro de monjes
Free spirit ~ Khalid
Golden hour ~ Kacey Musgraves
Happiness begins ~ Jonas Brothers
It’s a beautiful day … ~ Kathy Reid-Naiman
Lover ~ Taylor Swift
Midnight memories ~ One Direction
Pray for the wicked ~ Panic at the Disco
Reaching for the stars! ~ Kathy Reid-Naiman
Scorpion ~ Drake


The Testaments ~ Margaret Atwood
The wrath of Mulgarath: the spiderwick chronicles ~ Tony DiTerlizzi

Literacy Kit

Indigenous Literacy Kit