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Public Access Computers Policy

Internet Access

The Valemount Public Library recognizes the Internet as a resource tool to be used to allow the public enhanced access to information. At staffs discretion, length of time may be restricted.

Internet access is provided free of charge to library members and visitors. Donations are gratefully accepted. Wifi available 24/7. Password posted in the library and on window.

Children 10 years or younger require a signed permission slip and adult (19 or over) supervision.  Youth 11-12 need a signed permission slip only.  Anyone over 13 is considered an adult.

Printing is available at the cost of 25 cents per page for black and white copies, .50 cents per page for colour copies, $1.50 for colour on Photo paper. Laminating, faxing and scanning available.

Anyone misusing or damaging the computer, or using the Internet for illegal purposes may have their library privileges suspended, be prosecuted and be financially liable for any damage to the equipment.


Since the Internet is a global electronic network there is no federal/provincial control over its users on contents.  The Internet may contain inaccurate material or material of a controversial nature.  The library cannot censor access to material nor protect users from inaccurate or offensive information.  Parents of minor children must assume responsibility for their children’s use of the Internet.


Valemount Public Library Internet Policy will be open to review and/or amendment periodically.